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The Future of Surface Preparation

Dustless Blasting is the perfect tool for cleaning and de-painting any type of masonry. Weather it be bricks, cinder blocks, stone, or concrete, Dustless Blasting can be used safely and effectively. You can quickly remove simple graffiti, or even several layers of paint at once. The Dustless Blasting process is also excellent for removing calcium stains and mildew. Even oil stains, gum, and line tripes can be removed from concrete or asphalt on parking lots and roadways.

With the Dustless Blaster, you have full control over what abrasive medium you use, the blasting pressure, and even the abrasive flow. This allows you to blast almost any substrate without damage. Take a look at the picture above, showing the results of Dustless Blasting versus traditional sand blasting. The sand severely etched the brick, while the recycled bottle glass and water from the Dustless Blasting system did no damage, but very effectively removed the paint. That's the power of Dustless Blasting!


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